Exhibition sectors

CTT exhibition covers most aspects of construction industry. From the latest state-of-the-art technologies to a wide range of services around construction area.

— Road-building machinery and equipment

— Excavators, loaders, earthmoving and planning machines 

— Attached working equipment 

— Machinery for road reparation and maintenance 

— Special and construction vehicles

— Machinery for trenchless laying of service lines

— Drilling equipment

— Pumps and equipment for trench and underground works

— Lifting appliances, cranes and transporters

— Building constructions and scaffolding

— Formworks

— Equipment for concrete works

— Compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, generators, electric power stations and engines

— Systems of destruction and demolition

— Navigation systems, measuring equipment, surveying instruments

— Crushing and screening equipment

— Machinery for transportation of materials, items, machines and mechanisms

— Building tools and repair equipment

— Wearing parts and components for machines and mechanisms — Tires

— Lubricants

— Rent of construction machinery and equipment

— Financial and insurance services, leasing of construction equipment

— Specialized mass media