Take advantage of a new service from EXPODAT company

Make your participation even more successful. Take advantage of a new service from the partner of CTT, EXPODAT company.

Do not spend more money on paper brochures, questionnaires and processing of data. Install one or more EXPODAT terminals on your stand. Collect and analyze information about the visitors of the stand, send them promotional materials, conduct surveys and receive all the data online.

The terminal EXPODAT allows:

Фото терминала Expodat на CTT eng.png

  •     exchange contacts, informational materials and files 

  • (including video presentations) with visitors of your stand;

  • collect data of potential customer and their interests, generate electronic database of contacts of interested professionals;

  • monitoring the effectiveness of the stands;

  • interview the stand´s visitors;

  • monitor the work of your staff at the stand online;

  • generate reports on the exhibition.

How it works:

  1. The terminal EXPODAT is set on your stand (electric socket is required);
  2. Visitors of CTT at registration receive a personal ticket with bar code;
  3. Applying bar code on the ticket to the terminal on your stand, the visitor saves information about your company, promo materials, products and services in his personal account on the http://expodat.com/en.


  • You get ready-made visitor database, reports about the exhibition results and data about conducted surveys.
  • The visitor can independently approach the terminal, select the materials they need and store them in his personal account in just few seconds. Even if all managers are busy, you will not lose a potential customer, since their contact will be saved in your profile on www.expodat.com.
  • The terminal has a “Poll” mode. Interview visitors of your stand and get results online.
  • EXPODAT service helps to save on printing booklets and catalogs, all the necessary information can be sent by e-mail.

What should you do:

  1. Contact EXPODAT company: your personal manager gorbunova@expodat.com +7 (499) 758-0-758.
  2. Register at http://expodat.com/en and create your personal account. Learn more at  http://expodat.com/en/help/31-how-to-sign-up.html
  3. Fill in your contact data, as well as catalog of your goods/services. Learn more at http://expodat.com/en/help/33-how-to-create-a-page-of-organization.html


The cost of the service is 350 EUR per one terminal. It includes:

  • rent of the terminal for all days of CTT
  • maintenance, installation and dismantling of the terminal
  • unlimited storage of materials and collected information, access to your personal account at expodat.com.