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Expodat service

Dear exhibitor of the exhibition! 

You can use the EXPODAT service at the exhibition bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018. The EXPODAT Service (hardware-software complex) executes the following tasks for you:

  • An instant exchange of contacts and different information (including video presentations) between you and stand’s visitors.

  • Automatically creates base of your potential clients;

  •  Accounting of traffic of stand's visitors; 

  • To fix interests of visitors to concrete positions of your stand; 

  • A holding polls and questionings of visitors by using service EXPODAT; 

  • To allow to control work of your employees at the stand in real time 

  • To form on-line evident statistical reports on the necessary parameters

Service covers 100% of visitors of the exhibition.

Operating procedure with service

1. EXPODAT terminal is installed in the exhibitor’s booth by technical support engineer before the exhibition’s opening (floor or desktop option).

2. After communication with the visitor the manager of the stand should not write down contacts, biographical particulars and the offers of the stand which have interested to visitor, but to ask the guest to put the badge to the terminal and to note everything that has interested him or to answer several special questions. The exchange of contact information and materials occurs in that moment.

3. To ask visitors to put the badge to the terminal for collecting base of visitors after giving them promo-materials.

4. Every manager can fix his own visitor.

5. The visitor can independently come up to the terminal and choose the interesting materials, preserve them in his personal account. At the same time you won't lose the client in case of employment of all managers. Contact information and his interests will be recorded. You can start work with your target visitors without waiting for the end of an event and processing of results: data are available in on-line mode on the website.

Preparation for work

By preparation you need to make two steps:

1. to be registered on the website www.expodat.com for creation of a personal account,

2. to fill contacts and also the catalog of goods/services or a form for creation of the questionnaire in the personal account.

All visitors receive a ticket with a bar code for entrance to the exhibition. By reading this bar code:

1. in the mode of the "Stand" terminal your catalog of materials opens. In the catalog the visitor notes interesting positions and keeps it in the personal account. All materials become available to him on-line in the personal account on the website www.expodat.com or through the EXPODAT mobile application (Android, iOS).

2. in the mode of the "Poll" terminal the questionnaire form with your questions opens (data about the visitor are filled in automatically at the time of reading of a barcode). At the same time you automatically receive ready electronic base of visitors' contacts of the stand with analytics on their preferences, reports with results of the exhibition and ready data on results of poll. Increase loyalty of potential clients by using progressive approach to information exchange. To be advanced – it means to receive and process information about potential clients and their preferences quicker and more effectively. You don’t have to spend the budget on paper promo-materials, questionnaires and the subsequent data processing.

Terms of useage

The cost of the EXPODAT Service is 20 000 rubles for one terminal. This includes:

- rent of the terminal for 4 days of the exhibition,

- maintenance, assambling and dismantling of the terminal,

- termless storage of materials and assembled information for visitors and exhibitors, access to

personal account on the website expodat.com.

Necessary for the connection to the EXPODAT Service are:

1. sending a request via e-mail - info@expodat.com, by phone +7(499)758-0-758 or to the directorate of the exhibition;

2. registering on the website www.expodat.com for the creation of a personal account http://expodat.com/help/25-kak-zaregistrirovatsya.html

3. organising materials for visitors http://expodat.com/help/26-kak-sozdat-stranitsuorganizatsii.html   (adding the catalogue of goods/services).

It is possible to study the idea of the EXPODAT service and comments on him according to