How to increase productive capacity of quarries without blasting

How to increase productive capacity of quarries without blasting

February 7 2018

During last 100 years blasting is inherent part of mining. Nevertheless, people having experience with blasting know pretty well, that blasting activity is associated with variety of insidious threats and potential problems.

Danger of equipment damage, injury of staff, complaints of local people tired of constant noise, dust and vibrations.. Leaving alone extremely high labor cost required to get all permission and authorization documents.

Technology is not staying still. Nowadays we have absolutely different way of mining. Innovative solutions, allowing looking at mining from a new angle, which will be discussed by participants of International Conference “How to increase the productive capacity of quarries without blasting”, which is taking place 19-20th April 2018 in Yalta City.

During the conference guests will see innovative equipment at operation in quarry. Visitors and participants of this conference will see in operation following equipment: Delta Vibroripper, Hammer Side Milling Cutter, Impulse Stationary Boom System, Hammer quarry breaker. 

During the conference visitors will have a chance to discuss and find solutions how they can increase quarry productive capacity, observe latest innovations in methods and technologies which will help to increase productivity, quality and profitability of mining.