New Liebherr L1-Series Crane Already in Russia

New Liebherr L1-Series Crane Already in Russia

December 8 2017

Liebherr delivered the first hydraulic fast-erecting crane L1-24 to Russia. The crane provides a load capacity of up to 2.5 tons and was bought by “Monolit”, a Moscow based construction firm. 

Key features of the L1-24 are the ability to self-erect within the shortest time directly on the construction site, easy and unhindered transportation on public roads, compact dimensions in both „erected“ and „folded“ position.

When erected, the crane is mounted on a steel support base with four outriggers. For the L1-24, Liebherr offers two support base versions: the square-shaped base comes in the dimensions 3,800х3,800 mm while the rectangular-shaped version covers 3,100х4,300 mm. The closed profiles of the tower sections prevent internal corrosion and thereby guarantee reliable operation throughout the crane´s service life.

The Z-kinematic of the crane´s jib allows to adapt both reach and upper swing radius to the requirements on the job site. This is a significant advantage when the L1-24 has to work in confined spaces. Again, the customer can choose from two jib versions: the short version provides a reach of up to 25 m while the long version extends to 27 m. Respectively, in horizontal jib position the maximum hook height is 19.1 m or 19.2 m whereas the load capacity at the jib head is 950 kg or 800 kg.

There are two ballast versions available – simple standard concrete ballast or full steel ballast. Additionally, Liebherr offers special road transport axles for the L1-24.
The L1-24 is capable of operating from an industrial class power supply of 380 V or a regular wall outlet. 

A key advantage of the L1-24 is an easy access to main components and systems during servicing and maintenance work.