Statements about CTT 2017


CTT 2017 Exhibitors’ Testimonials (in alphabetical order)

"The CTT exhibition takes a key place in the marketing plan of Bondioli and Pavesi in Russia. We consider CTT as an excellent platform for meetings with the customers and partners to discuss projects, for establishing new contacts, and, of course, for presentation of the equipment. From year to year CTT helps to strengthen relationships with our customers by promoting fruitful cooperation. We noted an increase in interest in the field of road construction equipment in general, as well as the development of the market of domestic machinery manufacturers, many of which are customers of the company. We will definitely join the next edition of the show."

Ekaterina Larchenko, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Bondioli & Pavesi LLC


"CTT is a platform for maintaining the image and keeping market position. The results of the exhibition are quite good, there are several new contacts. For us this is the most grandiose exhibition and we are most likely planning to take part in the next year edition."

Irina Loseva, Manager of advertising department at Chaika-NN

“One personal highlight was to see that the CTT, as part of the “bauma family”, has increasingly gained in importance and quality not only in Russia but more and more on an international level. With the successful participation at CTT in Moscow, GEDA has taken yet another step to supplying the market of Russia and the CIS with our hoist solutions. GEDA is definitely satisfied with the results of the trade fair as we have successfully introduced our new personnel and material hoist GEDA BL 2000. Moreover we were able to consolidate relations with existing customers, forge new contacts and strengthen our market position as well. The growing international character of CTT makes it an ideal springboard for accessing the target markets of Russia and it also serves as an ideal business platform for information exchanges and worldwide collaboration. In our marketing mix, the CTT has been a part over the last years. As expected, most of our visitors came from Moscow and southern Russia, regarding the international character visitors mainly came from the CIS. We plan to participate in the next CTT as well."

Johann Sailer, CEO at GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG

In general, the exhibition went according to the plan, we held meetings with dealers, partners a potential buyers. There also was the presentation of two new Manitou products. The trade fair CTT has always been important for our company as it is the largest exhibition in Moscow. 

Galina Shamsulina, Marketing Manager at Manitou Vostok LLC 

This year our booth has attracted a lot of attention from the guests of the exhibition, by the time when this statement has been completed  there were about 200 new contacts. As for our company, we had 5 new products, which were in great demand among visitors. CTT is an excellent platform for looking for new clients and partners, making important meetings with Russian customers as well as with foreign partners as they are interested in the Russian market and want to get acquainted with it.

Dmitry Khokhlov, Marketing Manager at Rusbiznesauto (official dealer of SDLG) 

The fair is always a meeting of colleagues and industry partners. CTT is the opportunity to get to know the novelties and latest trends of the industry development. It is a chance to meet suppliers and customers in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, discuss current issues and potential projects. CTT show is the point of attraction of like-minded people.

Lydia Konovalova, Head of the Marketing Department at Tradicia LLC